New "2017 Traction Program" Launching in Oakland, CA in February 2017

Don't get stuck this year. Get traction. A 9-month program exclusively for professionals who work in:

  • organization development consulting and training
  • lean/agile improvement coaching and consulting
  • human resources management
  • or change management

The start of each new year leads me to launch big projects that have me excited.

Back in 2015, my big project put me to the test: I needed to write and edit the final sections of my book, The Talent Formula: How to Engage People, Improve Teamwork, and Elevate Performance Using the New Science of Management. Beyond the writing and editing, I also had to get the book cover designed and then publish the book. I battled with myself to get it all done.

For over twelve months leading up to that period in early 2015, I had worked alone on my book in coffee shopsoften for hours each weekend. I had a full-time job with the University of Illinois back then. This book was my side project. But it was too much to take on. And I became a zombie. My wife and children grew frustrated with me because they didn't see much of me on the weekends.

Sometimes on a day off from work, I would go to the coffee shop with a plan to write and edit my book all day. I would get my coffee, and open my laptop, only to stare at the computer, and waste time reading random Facebook posts and articles to distract myself from the work I had planned.

I finally got my book published in the spring of 2015. But I learned that whenever I work in isolation without goals, without feedback, without a guide, and without a supportive peer group, I get stuck.

Announcing the inaugural edition of the "Traction Program"

This year I want you to get the support you need so that instead of getting stuck, you get traction. I want you to be successful in 2017 as you face your biggest challenges. This is not specifically for OD consultants authoring a book for the first time. But if that describes you, please apply. This program is mainly for professionals who face tough challenges in their regular workthat includes organization development consultants, human resources managers, lean/agile improvement coaches, and change management leads. For example, maybe:

  • you’ve recently landed a new job, promotion, or assignment at work, and you are out of your comfort zone ... OR
  • you manage learning and development programs, and some of your programs need new life and new content ... OR
  • you have a creative thing (e.g. a course, training, or book) that you have to develop, but you keep getting stalled.... OR
  • you support an organization with their lean/agile transformation, and you keep hitting resistance from people who are set in their old ways of working... OR
  • you manage change initiatives, and you face the challenge of how to get changes (including changes that conflict with your organizational culture) to "stick for good" instead of "stick for a while, then slide back."

Through this program, you will get support to advance your hardest projects and initiatives this yearin a way that does not burn you out but keeps you energized and committed to your goals all year. This program will bring together Bay Area professionals in organization development consulting and training, change management, lean/agile improvement consulting, training and human resources management.

Program highlights:

  • Saturday morning workshops once month in Oakland
  • cohort-based learning model with a maximum of 15 people in your cohort
  • weekly group phone call to review progress you are making and get support with your project
  • workshops and weekly group phone calls facilitated by Gale
  • affordable program fee
  • techniques based on cutting edge research from behavioral science, positive psychology and motivation science
  • 9-month program that begins in February 2017

It's called the "2017 Traction Program" because it's about keeping your momentum, energy and resolve throughout the yearto keep you going after the thrill of your 2017 New Years Resolutions would normally wear off.

I am about to put the final touches on the curriculum and open it up for people to apply for the program. But before I do that, I want to know more about the hardest projects or initiatives you have on your plate so that I can tailor the curriculum.

I want to hear from you! Send me an email and let me know about your toughest projects or initiatives right now.

As a bonus, email me by midnight on Monday January 16 of this year with a description of your toughest projects, and you will get priority access to this programYou will get the invitation to apply to this program before everyone else gets it.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Gale Stafford

President, Bay Area Organization Development Network