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Organizational Culture: How to Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement

  • Workshop Space (details shared after you register) Sanchez Street San Francisco, CA United States (map)

What is organizational culture? And can you change it? 

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In 1987, Paul O'Neill gave his first speech as CEO of aluminum giant, Alcoa. He said he would measure Alcoa's success, not by profit, but by improvements to worker safety. His goal was not to maximize profit first -- but to go for zero workplace injuries. After his speech, investors left the room in a panic.

One investor ran to a pay phone, called his largest clients, and told them about a "crazy hippie" in charge, and advised them to sell their stock in Alcoa immediately. Later, that same investor confessed, "It was literally the worst piece of advice I gave in my entire career."

When O'Neill retired 13 years later, Alcoa's net income was 5 times higher than when he started. He had changed many aspects of the culture at Alcoa. O'Neill stated, "I knew I had to transform Alcoa. But you can't order people to change. So I decided I was going to start by focusing on one thing. If I could start disrupting the habits around one thing, it would spread throughout the entire company."

Paul O'Neill's story proves you can change organizational culture. And more importantly, his example shows how you change culture. You start by changing one routine, spread that routine, and focus on new habits and routines -- to eventually create "habitual excellence".

This seminar is for leaders and those who guide leaders. For example:

  • you are a leader for a team, department or entire organization
  • you are a change management professional, organizational consultant, a lean/agile coach
  • you work in organizational development, human resources, or training function 

If one of those describes you, then you are a good fit for this seminar.

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In this seminar, you begin to learn how to create a culture of continuous improvement, modeled after the example of Paul O'Neill.

Topics covered:

  • what is organizational culture and why it matters
  • why senior leaders hold the main responsibility for culture change
  • the story of Paul O'Neill, and how he shaped the culture of worker safety, transparency, and continuous improvement at Alcoa
  • why consulting skills, coaching skills, and change management helps you to change culture
  • common pitfalls on the journey to continuous improvement
  • practices you can take back to work and start using right away

Seminar Format and Space:

  • presentations by Gale on his experience in a team of people who do this work full-time
  • highly interactive with break out sessions with your peers
  • casual setting (see below) to provoke creativity and fun

Whether you lead an organization, or you guide those who lead, you are encouraged to join this seminar!

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