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Understanding the Dark Side of Organizations: A Panel Discussion

The Dark Side of Organizations: A panel discussion

Recent research from Google shows that creating psychological safety is a key component to building a team that thrives. But what happens when that psychological safety is threatened due to workplace bullying, incivility, and other bad behavior? And what role can OD practitioners play in helping to combat bad behavior at work? Our upcoming meet-up will discuss just that. 

You can learn more and RSVP here:

Topics we will cover

• Workplace incivility and bullying, and its impact on overall organizational health, staff engagement, performance, and turnover.

• The ripple effect of workplace incivility

• Making a business case for addressing bad behavior in the workplace, and the importance of partnering with HR

• The new California training law on abusive conduct in organizations (AB2053)

• Common hostility scales in use and what they can measure in people

• How to deal with toxic coworkers, abusive supervisors, narcissistic people and bullies at the workplace

• The role OD practitioners can play in combatting bad behavior in the workplace

Our three panelists all bring different perspectives to the topic, and look forward to sharing their research and experiences.

Featuring: Nan Cowardin-Lee, PhD; Ron Warren, PhD.; Jennifer Whitty, MAOD;


6:30 Networking and food
7:00 Event starts with introductions
7:10 Panel discussion on the dark side of organizations
8:30 Networking
8:45 Wrap-up  

(NOTE: your RSVP with advance payment of $5 are required to attend. The $5 helps cover the cost of food and drinks.) 

We look forward to seeing you! 
Gale Stafford
President, Bay Area Organization Development Network