Stop solving so many problems

Don't fix problems at work too quickly. Instead, let some problems sit. Here's why. If you let the problem sit, others can observe it, feel the discomfort of it, and learn from it. Then they might come up with a solution on their own without your direct aid.

Many of us step into leadership roles because we attained a status of functional or technical or expert in our role. You're good at your job. So you got promoted. Then with every problem that surfaces, you think your job is to take charge, create a solution, and then issue directives to get the problem solved.

You don't have to lead this way. You can use problems in the environment as fuel for developing people in response to the problem. Problems are opportunities for growth in the people around you. 

Stop being a hero at work. Stop being such a fixer. Stop trying to provide all the answers right away. Step in so you can involve the right people, ask them the right questions, watch them, and coach them to come up with their own answers. It's not a quick fix approach. Problems may sit longer. But watch what happens to your people. They engage. They grow. They start to thrive.